CNC Milling


CNC Milling for Carbon Fiber Plate Cutting and Pattern Making


   CNC milling is a computer-controlled cutting process used in various industries, including composites manufacturing. At our company, we use CNC milling for precise cutting of carbon fiber plates and creating patterns for mold-making. 

   Carbon fiber is a popular material in the composite industry due to its strength, durability, and lightweight properties. However, it requires specialized cutting techniques to ensure its structural integrity is maintained. CNC milling is an ideal method for cutting carbon fiber plates as it provides accurate, consistent cuts with minimal waste. 

   Our 3-axis CNC milling machine allows us to precisely cut carbon fiber plates to the desired shape and size. This results in a more efficient production process and reduces the need for manual labor, ensuring consistent quality in each piece. 

   In addition to cutting carbon fiber plates, we also use our CNC milling machine to create patterns for mold-making. Patterns can be made from a variety of materials, including epoxy blocks or MDF wood. The CNC milling process ensures precise, accurate patterns that are used to create high-quality molds for infusion or autoclave curing processes. 


   Overall, CNC milling is a valuable tool in the composite manufacturing process, providing accuracy, efficiency, and consistency in both carbon fiber plate cutting and pattern-making for mold production.