Double-sided Carbon Fiber Sheets - 2,5 mm

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Our double-sided carbon fiber sheets are produced using the latest autoclave curing technology, ensuring excellent strength and durability. Compared to vacuum infusion, carbon fiber sheets produced using this technology are more uniform and have a higher fiber content and lower resin content, which reduces their weight and improves their strength. These sheets have a smooth, glossy surface on both sides and are ideal for applications in motorsport, aviation, marine, and other industrial sectors.

We also offer the possibility of milling any shape on our CNC machines.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

We introduce our double-sided carbon fiber sheets manufactured using the most advanced autoclave curing technology to ensure unmatched strength and durability. Unlike vacuum infusion techniques that can result in weaker and less consistent products, autoclave manufacturing ensures consistent and uniform resin distribution throughout the entire sheet.

Our double-sided carbon fiber sheets are ideal for a range of applications, including motorsports, aerospace, marine transportation, and more. With a smooth glossy surface on both sides, these sheets are not only functional but also aesthetically impressive.

Autoclave manufacturing involves using high pressure and temperature to produce a product that is stronger, lighter, and more durable than the vacuum infusion method. The resulting material has a higher fiber content and lower resin content, making it lighter and more durable.

Whether you're looking to improve the performance of your vehicle or need a reliable and strong material for your aerospace project, our double-sided carbon fiber sheets are an ideal choice. Discover the advantages of composite manufacturing in an autoclave and choose our high-quality carbon sheets for your next projects.

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Manufactured by Kopp-Voracek spol. s r.o. in the Czech Republic.


Technical Data:

Material thickness tolerance ranges from ±10% of the nominal thickness of the part.